Selecting Books for Kids

Here are some tips about how to select appropriate reading material that will keep kids engaged and enthusiastic about reading.

  • Younger children enjoy books that use word repetition, rhymes, and predictable text. Look for books with colorful pictures and simple words.
  • Be sure to get books on a variety of levels. Select some that the child can read alone as well as some that you will need to read together.
  • Go to the library or bookstore and let your child choose some of the books. Make it into a family outing!
  • Take some time to read the books yourself. Do they make you laugh? Do you want to read it again? Chances are if you like it your child will too!
  • DON'T buy a book just because it won a Newbery Medal or some other award. Make sure you look at it and see if YOU like it first!
  • If your child has a favorite author buy more books by the same author, but also try out some new ones!
  • Choose a few stories for kids to experience other countries, cultures, and ideas.
  • Choose books that match your child's interests. Kids who love dinosaurs will read MANY books about dinosaurs without getting bored!
  • Most children like books that are funny. Don't you?
  • Encourage your child to try different kinds of books, such as mysteries, poetry, biographies, and non-fiction.
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