Positive School Wide Behavior Program

What does the School Wide Positive Support Behavior Program (SWPBIS) look like at Tinicum Elementary School?

  • Students, staff, and parents are taught the expectations throughout the school year.
  • Expectations are displayed throughout the school.
  • Students and staff are able to state the expectations.
  • Staff members model positive behavior expectations for students.
  • Students are reinforced for displaying appropriate behavior in school.

How can parents help with Positive Behavior Support?

  • Reinforce school-wide expectations with your child by discussing their school day and how they were responsible, respectful, and safe.
  • Keep communication between you and your child’s teacher active throughout the school year.
  • Become a volunteer and participate in school activities including celebrations.
  • Celebrate your child’s accomplishments when they bring home a positive stripe.

What are the benefits of family involvement with Positive Behavior Support?

  • Positive student motivation
  • Improved attitudes about school work
  • Students earn better grades, increased attendance and homework completion

Student Acknowledgement System - 

Each day ten randomly chosen teachers and staff members will be given one stripe to give to a student displaying any of the expected behaviors which show students being respectful, responsible, or safe. Teachers and staff will recognize students meeting these expectations by presenting them with the stripe and specific feedback on the action they are being recognized for during the course of the day. Students who receive a stripe will take home the stripe so parents are aware of what behavior their child demonstrated and why the stripe was awarded.. When a student receives a stripe, they will celebrate their accomplishment proudly :

  • Signing the Celebrity Book
  • Picking a number from the jar
  • Hang their stripe on the matching number displayed on the Principal's 100 Club

Once an entire row is filled in any direction, the  students whose names are listed in that row will receive a reward. After the row is filled and rewarded, stripes are taken down and the chart begins again.

Responses to inappropriate behavior may include:

  • Reminders and re-statement of the rules
  • Office Discipline Report completed   
  • Restorative Conference with the student
  • Warning Issued
  • Loss of Privilege
  • Time in Office
  • Parent Contacted
  • Detention and/or suspension in accordance with district student conduct policy

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